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Omschrijving Uniway

UNIWAY is one of the top Belgian web agencies, specialised in lay-out, design and development of user-friendly e-business solutions on multiple platforms.

The objective of our organisation is to have the latest state of the art knowledge and competence in house for all the major IT platforms and to have a clear view on existing and emerging technologies in order to respond to each customer's specific requirements.

Our engineers have strong technical skills in building web solutions based on Microsoft, Java and open source platforms.

Technology skills assurance within our company is based on Competence Centers for various technology domains. Each competence center is composed of highly-trained specialists responsible for maintaining the skills level in their specific domain. More specifically they :

train other Uniway engineers
watch over the knowledge building coherence on a company-wide level
validate the technical choices made by project teams
identify and validate emerging technologies
meet in Competence Management Comittees
Our project managers have 15+ years of IT Project management experience in large to medium-sized public institutions and companies, and apply the well-known PMBOK project methodology.

Uniway is a member of the international SII group.

Contact details

Tel. +32 2 713 65 00

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